As an OEM manufacturer of AWTS controllers for several various domestic waste treatment systems we are able to offer servicing direct to the end customer and service agents.

We will gladly advise – at no cost – the condition of a received repair and whether or not the repair will be economical. We can then either dispose of the item or return it to you, and then arrange a replacement unit through our many industry contacts.

If sending in a repair please fill out and include a Repair Return Form.

We can repair the collowing controllers:

  • Ozzi Kleen MkII
  • Ozzi Kleen MkIV
  • Bio Treat

Service agents please inquire about opening an account with us.


We sell a range of AWTS waste treatment system controllers and parts that are much more affordable than those from original system manufacturers. Please contact us for more information and/or to purchase.

Note that despite the advice some companies are giving, the latest Australian Standard for domestic waste treatment systems does NOT require that the controls or alarm system have to be replaced only with those provided by the original manufacturer.

Treatment system manufacturers can purchase our controllers in bulk with custom branding at competitive rates. Contact us for more information.

EES70 Treatment System Controller

Drop-in replacement for:

  • Ozzi Kleen MkIII
  • Ozzi Kleen MkIV

Suitable for upgrading (additional wiring modifications to the system required):

  • Ozzi Kleen MkII
  • Ozzi Kleen OK1

Mounting Options

Decant Solenoid

Part number E-SOL-24VAC is a 24VAC solenoid for use with both air and water. It features 1/4″ BSP female connections and will also operate from 12VDC.

Commonly used for decant and sludge operation control in domestic waste treatment systems, such as Ozzi KIeen MkIV decant control.


LF40 Pressure Switch

The LF40-01 pressure switch is a quality, robust unit compatible with both air and liquid. Its construction makes it ideal for the harsh environment inside a domestic waste treatment plant.



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